Augustus Yuan


Quote Lover. Forever a Student. Informatics Major Class of 2014.


My name is Augustus Yuan and I am a web developer, a quote-lover, and an aspiring public speaker. I am interested in crowd-sourcing and education. I have a passion for culture and diversity and currently serve as the President of Chinese Students Association, a student organization dedicated to bringing Chinese culture to the University of Washington campus. I believe there is always something we can offer to this world, no matter how small it is. I am forever a student and constantly trying to learn new things in the world.

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I helped contribute to a Java wrapper for D3.js that allowed its use in Google Web Toolkit. Specifically I help implemented Zoom. You can contribute here

The Chorganizer

I was part of a team that walked through the design process of making a mobile application that tried to solve the problem of chore organization. You can read my process book.

You can also read our final draft design specification.

JSFiddle Mini-Projects

I like to tinker with different things especially Javascript libraries. You can see my public jsFiddles here.


AT&T Mobile Hackathon Winner
Honorable Mention Yahoo! Hackathon

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